Drop Dead Diva Finale


Drop Dead Diva is really over, aired last June Sunday their final episode. This is the only drama series that I anticipated every year. The actors, for me, really suits to them, especially Brooke as Jane. I never imagined other actress to portray Jane Bingum. Within six years I had friends, friend long without communication, the other we met because of the other show, and the other we met thru social networking.

Hopefully they have a special episode, where we see the twins of Owen and Stacy. Kim has a boyfriend already, Teri was famous singer, Paul either returned to heaven  or he has a new mission, and a little matured for his character 🙂 And for Ian and Jane, I want to see the wedding proposal, their wedding, and their children ❤ .

I’m gonna miss the show, the characters, the actors, and everything.


One thought on “Drop Dead Diva Finale

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